Micah Erenberg is a diversely talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and recording artist from Matlock, Manitoba.

Like the man himself, his music is charming, witty and authentic. His full disclosure style of writing makes for captivating material that varies from poetically clever to gracefully heartbreaking. Erenberg continually finds ways to reinvent the art of songwriting by expressing a mixture of honest lyrics, mesmerizing melodies and distinctive musical arrangements.

After years of live performances with various groups, Micah released his debut album, Poor Mic’s Toe in the fall of 2016. The album is a refreshing cleanse of new music that showcases Erenberg’s aptitude for songwriting and his band’s formative musical collaboration. The lyrics are simultaneously sharp, clever and even hilarious without compromising depth. Each song offers a different perspective from Erenberg’s highly self-aware and crooked compass. The album is a mosaic of stories, thoughts and reflections about sleeping eternally, losing a toe to a lawnmower, kissing while smiling, drinking away the seven seas, and everything in between. He reflects on both the hilarity and misery of life in a highly accessible manner.

Micah is now preparing to release his sophomore album, co-produced/recorded by his friend, Alexandre Bonenfant (July Talk, METZ, Kandle, etc).
Although Micah has been known to put on a wide variety of performances, these days he is most often accompanied by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Sophie Stevens.
Together, the duo’s musical stylings and remarkably paired vocal harmonies make for a perfect delivery of Micah’s unique sound.

Keep your ears to the ground, as the next few months are sure to be filled with single releases from the new album, new music videos, and exciting show announcements.